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Waste Management at Construction Site


waste management at construction site

Development organizations and venture supervisors comprehend the significance of a waste management system. For certain , the development segment – in charge of 33% of all waste in the India and 45% of its carbon emanations – is a key concentration for the Government.

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Pyrocrat Systems bags waste management project in Africa

Pyrocrat Systems ReviewMumbai, October 29: Pyrocrat Systems LLP, India’s leading developer & manufacturer of municipal solid waste management machinery ventured into African market. Pyrocrat is become the first Indian company to discuss with Government of Burundi to set up one of the largest waste management project in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis. The project will be in similar to company’s present project to manage 300 tons per day of Navi Mumbai’s solid waste. Read more

suhas dixit review pyrocrat review

Mr Suhas Dixit Review on “Waste Management & Plastic Pyrolysis” Pyrocrat Systems LLP

The evening of 26th August 2015 Mr. Suhas Dixit, Director of Pyrocrat Systems LLP delivered A Speech on “Sustainable Waste Management”. His review was received positively by the audience including 15 Ambassadors and High Commissions of African Nations.


Mr Suhas Dixit mentioned in his speech that the waste management is essential part of building smart cities of tomorrow. Effective waste management can help city recycle more than 70 to 80% of municipal solid waste to manufacture high quality compost, refuse derived fuel, recyclable materials and energy. Municipal solid waste is mixture of products discarded by the general population and if these products are segregated, they can be recycled or reused for energy production. Mostly the current waste management projects in Africa and India failed due to faulty machinery & technology that are not segregate waste. Pyrocrat Systems LLP has developed machines for effective Municipal Solid Waste Segregation, Composting & Material Recovery. Plastic recovered from Municipal solid waste can be reused to manufacture industrial diesel using Plastic Pyrolysis Plants. Pyrocrat Systems LLP has developed machinery for effective segregation, composting, recycling and energy recovery from Municipal Solid Waste.

Pyrocrat Systems LLP currently has multiple waste management projects operationalsuhas dixit review pyrocrat systems review wherein waste plastic is converted into industrial diesel for energy recovery. Once of such solid waste management projects is operational in Navi Mumbai managing 300,000kg per day of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) of Navi Mumbai and Panvel cities. He said that like in most of Africa, waste is not segregated at source in India. Pyrocrat has developed unique and patent pending technology to recycle MSW that is not segregated at source. All of the African Ambassadors have not only appreciated the technology and the solutions provided but also were very keen on utilizing these waste management facilities in their countries. All speakers stressed on need to work together for effective waste management for better and greener tomorrow.

The evening marked a step ahead towards further enhancement of Indo-Africa Trade by means of waste management couples with plastic and tire pyrolysis solutions by Pyrocrat Systems LLP.