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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about MSW Management

  1. What is a MSW segregation plant?C

MSW or Municipal solid waste refers to commercial and residential wastes generated in municipal or notified areas in either solid or semi-solid form excluding industrial hazardous wastes but including treated bio-medical waste. A Municipal solid waste segregation machine can convert waste to energy to generate electricity as per norms of Municipal Solid Waste Rules 2000.

  1. What is meant by Municipal solid waste?

Municipal solid waste refers to waste from garbage collected through community sanitation services. For example food waste, green waste, paper, plastics, fabrics, metals, glass etc.

  1. What kind of waste can be used in a MSW segregation plant?

Any municipal waste containing carbon will be suitable and the types of wastes that can be accepted is solid waste that meets the heavy metal criteria for Class III landfill in the Landfill Waste Classification and Waste Definition 1996 (amended 2009) and liquid waste that has less than 1% halogen content.  For example,

  • Municipal solid waste food waste, market waste, yard wastes, plastics, residential, commercial and industrial sources. Few examples are mentioned below.
  • Biodegradable waste – green waste, food and kitchen waste, paper etc.
  • Recyclable materials – glass, bottles, paper, plastic, clothes etc.
  • Inert waste – construction waste, dirt, rocks, debris etc.
  • Electrical and electronic waste – electrical appliances, TVs, computers, screens etc.
  • Composite wastes – waste clothing, Tetra Packs, waste plastics such as toys.
  1. What are the benefits of settings up a MSW segregation plant?

The facility can provide electrical power to numerous households and will help to generate renewable energy which will greatly reduce the state’s dependence on fossil fuels. Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by producing renewable electricity from waste instead of landfilling it.


  1. Where will the project be located?

The requirements for a MSW segregation plant are as below.

  • Access to major existing power infrastructure.
  • Location within estate’s power generation precinct.
  • Proximity to major regional waste sources.
  • Good separation from the nearest residential land (approximately 6 Km).
  1. What is the scope of this project?

The Government is very supportive of this project and will both supply waste to and will receive power from the waste to energy project. The project is looked upon as a key to the future waste management plans of the Council.